John Marks (born: 1970) is a Agent for Third Echelon.


Born in the New York City, John quickly became accostumed to violence and crime. John had been arrested 120 times in the course of two years.
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John Marks (2010)

So, John signed up for a tour in the U.S. Army. Surprisingly, John was quickly moved into the Green Berets. John served in both the Gulf War, Haiti, Somolia, the Balkan Conflicts.

Then, in 2001 , John Marks caught the attention of Third Echelon for the daring rescue of a Apache Helicopter Pilot in Afganistan. When Third Echelon asked him if he would join, he gladly accepted.

History with Third EchelonEdit

John was a reliable asset for Third Echelon, since of his suttle lethalness. He served in many operations in his career, and time in time again, he would prove himself. These are only a few of John's operations....


The first mission John Marks went on in behalf of Thrid Echelon was a takedown in Africa. The main target was a man by the name of Abdas Akenzua, a warlord in the Nation of Uganda. After just 2 hours, the man lay dead in his Headquarters. No Splinter Cell was able to take down Abdas for four years, which amazed the higher castes in Third Echelon when John killed him.


Third Echelon had caught the eye of a small Malaysian merchant ship heading toward North Korea. The U.S. government wanted to send in a team of "Ghosts" to take out the ship, but Third Echelon said it had the situation handled. John was then dropped off near the ship by a C17, and preceded to climb aboard. The goal of the mission: take out the soldiers on the ship so that Third Echelon could make the ship sink "on accident". It was pretty much like sweeping than it was fighting for John, and the ship was sunk in less than an hour.