A story by DarkLocustSlayer

Part OneEdit

The SecretEdit

It all started in Berlin. The one place which killed my friends. Which killed all of us. No Berlin didn't kill us. The fucking zombies did. I was apart of a Splinter Cell team. There were four of us because this was no ordinary mission. We were commanded to search several unknown labs in Berlin and their projects. Nobody else in the world knew about it. We weren't also the first team to be sent there. There was other teams sent before us, but we lost contact with them. We were blind, and the only way to uncover what was going on there, was to go there ourselves. Yet, we were the best men in Third Echelon, so they thought we would succeed. Well they were wrong.


Sean made sure he had everything. Weapons, gadgets, etc. Good, no problems. This operation should be fairly long because finding these labs would take a while and finding the other missing Splinter Cell teams would be a pain.

"Hey Sean, you listening?" another Splinter Cell, Daniel asked.

"Sorry, I was just thinking about other stuff." Sean replied.

"Well I was saying, what do you think happened to Ian's and Harris's teams?" Daniel asked again.

"I don't know, but I have a bad feeling."

"You always do, but this time it's the real deal I guess."

"Yeah who knows what these labs's projects were and stuff."

Daniel nodded.

"Did they even have to send us out here though?" Daren, his other teamate asked.

"Ah don't be a lazy ass Daren, how are you going to get your daily exercise?" Rick, the last man in the squad smirked.

Everyone laughed including Daren. We were all good friends and we knew each other for several years. We were like brothers.

"Alright we should get on our armor suits." Sean advised.

There were groans, but everyone obliged. After we were done, the pilot of the V-22 Osprey we would be landing in a private landing zone in Berlin in about twenty minutes. When we landed we would be making our way into the outskirts of the city. That's where the labs were supposed to be located and where the other Splinter Cell teams went missing. That's where everything went wrong.

A Bad FeelingEdit