A Story By Me. This Story Takes Place A Month After Chaos Theory.

Part 1: The BreakoutEdit

Relaxation TimeEdit

"Fisher We Have A Third Echelon Agent Held Captive In Vietnam We Are Sending You There Tomorrow" Lambert Said.

"Let Me Guess A Terrorist Group?" Sam Said.

"Yes Fisher Another Terrorist Group To Deal With" Lambert Replied.

"Will I Have Any Backup While I'm Out There?" Sam Said.

"We Are Sending In Those Splinter Cells In Training While You Are Out There" Lambert Replied.

"This Is Going To Be Some Goddamn Fun" Sam Said.

"Now Fisher Get Some Rest For The Mission Tomorrow" Lambert Said.

"It's Not My Bedtime Lambert" Sam Replied.

"Then You Can Listen To Me Talk About Boring Stuff Then" Lambert Said.

"Bedtime It Is" Sam Replied.

8 Hours Later.

"Fisher Are You Awake?" Lambert Said.

"Lambert Do I Look 70 Yet?" Sam Said.

"That's Not Funny" Lambert Replied.

"Fine" Sam Said.

The Deployment StartsEdit

"Okay Sam Are You Ready For This?" Lambert Said.

"Sure Why Not" Sam Replied.

"Sam We Can't Let The Splinter Cell Die" Lambert Said.

"Okay" Sam Replied.

Hanoi, Vietnam, August 6th 2007Edit

"Alright Sam Let's Get To Work" Lambert Said.

"I Know Lambert" Sam Replied.

"Remember Sam Find Him And Extract" Lambert Said.

"Stop Telling Me This" Sam Replied.

Sam Grabs A Guard Patrolling

"Hello I'm In Need Of Help Finding My Long Lost Brother" Sam Said.

"Hi Nice To Meet You Who Is He?" The Guard Said.

"I'm Not Playing Games" Sam Replied.

"Seriously I Don't Know" The Guard Said.

"Please Tell Me" Sam Replied With A Child Sounding Voice.

"I Don't Know Go Ask Someone Else" The Guard Said With A Angry Voice.

"I Don't Feel Like It" Sam Replied.

"Okay Okay" The Guard Said.

"Stop Saying Gibberish And Start Telling Me Where He Is" Sam Said With A Frustrated Voice.

"He Is Being Held In A Freezer Hanging Upside Down He Has Been There For About 3 Days We Give Him Water And Food So He Can Stay Alive And So We Can Get Info On Third Echelon" The Guard Said.

"Wow Sounds Fun" Sam Said.

"Can I Go Home Now?" The Guard Said.

"Why?" Sam Said.

"Okay" Sam Said.

This Will Be Finished Later

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